Human rights-world inside Cybercrime-world via ICC & ICJ

I believe in You & Myself, Edward....

We have to build a new World together
Pre-talk the People now we are ahead of our times
Its our destiny

Don't tell anybody..., but one day... You'll be President at the Kremlin.
But, as long as I pre-talk you, you may not become a member of a Russian political party

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Edward,   since 20april2015  I am entitled to the labourcontract Prime Minister Holland, I have started an ICC-lawcase against all members of the Cabinet and Parliament.

According to the Torture-treaty I am the first Female Prime Minister in NL.

I have demanded this contract with the Ministry fo Common Affairs.

Our relationship arrives in Chapter 2.

The MIVD - militairy intelligence in NL - want Nl to see China as an enemy.

MIVD wants Nl to start a war against China = 17 million inhabitants against 1 billion inhabitants.

If needed, I am going to claim my PM labourcontract with force....
For the moment I work with letters and videos = I don't want a civilwar in NL, Germany, Belgium... Europe.


After the Nieuwsuur interview AIVD, MIVD, CTIvD wil stay a better trained Retarded Puppy under command of USA.

AIVD has caused MH17.
The way it looks now the MH17 famlies want to protect the NL-perpetrators, responsible for the MH17 - in exchange for a 10 million dollar Damage-payment.

The NL-parliament, Monarchy and Electorl Council are a rapidly growing Elite-murder-gang.... that want to stay in power.

Over the past week they have decided that the Jihad-war wil continue until the year 2100.

This is for the maintenance of the Indiviudal laborcontracts & privileges.

Shortly: EU must end up in war, on command of EU & USA leaders.

Palestina will not be strong enough to stop this, although they do take my ICC-instructions seriously...

Pakistan & Afghanistan live with me....

Pegida is on the move; comming weeks we will see if they have learned something thanks to my PDFs and videos.

The thing is that I have to reach Pegida via SecretServices in order to make them operate legally correct.

These SecretServices keep the war alive for EU-leaders and USA.

France needed Paris.
I still think that the France SecretServices started a hunt on a few Terrorists from their D-base and created the CharlieHebdo ... carefully planned.

France kills its own citizens if they have to, publicly


Als EdwardSnowden the BigBrother award accepteert van Bits of Freedom, bewijst hij dat hij oorlogsmisdadiger wil zijn op het NEP-veiligheids -platform Thehaguesecuritydelta'.

Hij werkt dan mee aan het realiseren van een NEP- internationaal Cybercrime Court naast het corrupte ICC.

Ik zal alles doen om EdwardSnowdenin de ICC-gevangenis te krijgen, omdat hij mij misbruikt voor zijn luxe leventje.

Hij is een vrij man dankzij mij.
Putin heeft hem een normaal leven gegeven omdat ik dat aan China en Putin heb gevraagd.





I am going to put you in ICC-prison for warcrimes.
You have your happy lifestyle in Moscow thanks to me.
I made Putin accept you, while you were in China.

You lie to the people.
And with this lie you prove that you torture me and want me to be killed for your happy lifestyle.

You discovered - thanks to my website full of eveidence about an ICC-lawcase against NL politicians and Royalfamily -  that JulianAssange, Guardian, lawyers of BradleyManning, EU-leiders lie about espionage, only to keep themselves out of ICC-prison.

To Keep Obama and Clinton out of ICC-prison; to keep EU-leaders above the law while they start wars.

I gave you time to come to terms with it.

And your answer is 'that you  don't care for me or justice at all'.

You are a warcriminal, based on  he Torturetreaty.

I am not your Slave; I want you in prison.



EdwardSnowden forwarded from China to Moscow by DesireeStokkel in 2013 .Putin accepts him.



Please don't accept any prizes at all at the moment.

When you accept the right Livelihoodaward, you suppport the increase of the Iraq-EU-USA-war.

NL president has started an Hitler-brainwash-program to be free to kille everybody who disturbs him.


We are heading towards an ISISwar in NL, on 20sept2014.

This implicates that you and I need to build a Civilrights organisation, aimed at New Psychology & Justice-system.

I give you a list of Psychology-topics we need to wrok out.

When you skip 'to give the people a mirror pschology- bad behavior - good behavior', politicial changes will fail.

1. Hero´sm
2. Timelines  Wasted Time
3. Communication-skills for a New Lifestyle
4. How to pass a rotten system?
5. Powers - Destiny - Faith
6. Down-to-Earth-approach
7 Love-building
8. Education Children
9. New Educational climate University etc...
10. Lawyers offices and Courts


Wasted Timelines and Humanrights in warzone.



When you open your New civilrights organisation - Russians Rights Home - you must explain hero´sm to the people first.

The Kremlin made a classical mistake today.

Their answer to EU-sanctions is RU-sanctions.

The Kremlin should have proven to the World that they are smarter than the politicians who imposed EU-sanctions  in the first place.

The Kremlin should have been a hero and started an ICJ-lawcase against all those sanctions.

to teach EU a lesson in correctly uing ICJ and ICC.

Now Earth falls back into history; Putin is too old for his job...and after all those years ...
Medvedev is still a happy dictator.


Every conflict needs a hero for conflict-ending.

Current politicians only fuel war.



I hope you will get your Russian passport this week.
Now you work for a Civilright organisation I do know that Putin reads my emails to you... and is content with them.

The most important Legalframework you build from Russia is:
'conflict-ending between nations via ICJ'.

Politicians and the Elite enjoy to be psychopaths who hunt on civilians to destroy them.
this must stop.

They must be forced to live and work from Social intelligence.



You need to remove the phantasy of people in warzone - cybercrime - with a communicationskill.

What you need to do is mirror the person in front of you.

Say:'You want this.... for that target'.

You want me to ignore you so you can violate this HR-treaty'.

You are too slow Edward; thats because Ukrains is such a chaos.


The Galaxy provides in education when you approach  Gods & Goddess correctly.

Educate yourself a little faster, now the war in russia grows into the wrong direction.

Build that Arbitrationcourt inside the cybercrimes world together with the Galaxy-teachers.

Its a demanding job, but you can rely on the instruction coming from  G&G-forces.


 I explain how the Kremlin and NL - ICC & ICJ - build more war in Ukraine... and Worldwide.






EdwardSnowden builds Humanrights-world inside Cybercrime ICC,  ICJ and Kremlin.16june2014.pdf

Definition of Pre-talk

Pre-talk is an educational skill, relying on self-esteem, self-worth, awareness and being a 'good person'.

In our community 'being good' is sychronized with the conduct of humanrights, in theory.
When you conduct them well, every individual can live a healthy, educational, social lifestyle.

On Earth psychopaths are in charge, thus the few good persons must Pre-talk 'life as it is suppose to be'.  You & Myself are destined to do so.

Its a hell of a job, inherent to all the pain of the World.
Its a life I don't want to live; I am being forced to a type of self-defence I don't need on Earth, now I am much smarter in the EQ-unit than the mayority of people are. I don't need the sentences people throw at my head... or the passive agression on the level of  'being retarted'.

You don't need it either; you've got the skill 'a view to kill' too....
Its awfull, isn't it?  When you can overlook Evil, life itself becomes unbeareble.

Well, I have placed children on this Planet, now I need to be a good girl and do my job.

You don't have kids, but there is a reason why you  do stay on Earth.
Well, lets do the job together.

Pre-talk: we show the World 'how to think, behave for the realization of humanrights in the Cybercrime World, which runs via ICC & ICJ when you want to conduct HRs correctly.

Edward, we must pass all the bullshit talks of all presidents, all legal bodies, all universites... and even all of us.... Turn small parts of evil into justice, aware of the fact that psychopaths rule Earth.

How many years are given to US?

You need a Russian passport, a office-desk inside the Kremlin-humanrights-unit... and start to build, together with me. Thus, you also need your website for this  New HR-Cyber-World from which you can talk to me... We are compatible and need 'to make life easy-going for ourselves, while pre-talking this new  lifestyle'.

Do you think Putin, is clever  enough to comprehend what I have been writng here?


Edward, I want you to build a Humanrights-world inside the Cybercrime-world at the Kremlin.

correct use of Torture treaty