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Specification: The apparatus is used to determine the workability of Portland cement & concrete. The Kelly ball test is considered to be simple and much faster than the slump test. Twice the Kelly ball reading approximately equals the slump. It consists of a cylinder with a ball shaped bottom and handle, together weighing 15 kg.

Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA

Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA): Development and Evaluation of Vibrating Kelly Ball Test (VKelly Test) for the Workability of Concrete March 2015 6. Performing Organization Code 7. Author(s) 8. Performing Organization Report No. Peter Taylor, Xuhao Wang, Xin Wang 9. Performing Organization Name and Address 10.

Kelly Ball Penetration Apparatus with 20 lb Cylinder

Test the consistency of your concrete with the Kelly Ball Penetration Apparatus. Certified MTP has everything you need for accurate testing and measurement of concrete so browse today and find this 20lbs Kelly Ball as well as other concrete testing equipment!


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Evaluation of the Kelly Ball and Modified Ball Penetration Devices

and ASTM Designation C 143, "Slump of Portland Cement Concrete. "(1) (2) TEST PROCEDURES AND METHODS 1.) The Kelly Ball Test was used as specified in ASTM C 360 with the exception that single readings were to be recorded. 2.) Modified Ball Test was performed as follows: a.) Device to be held vertical to the surface of the concrete

Kelly Ball Apparatus - Workability

The Kelly Ball Apparatus is used to determine the workability of fresh concrete. Consisting of a hemispherical ended cylinder with a guide frame and handle graduated in quarter inches. This field test determines the depth to which the apparatus will sink under its own weight into fresh concrete.

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Kelly Ball Apparatus - Utest Material Testing Equipment

Standards. ASTM C360 The Kelly Ball test was developed in the 1950’s in the United States as a fast alternative to the slump test. The simple and inexpensive test can be quickly performed on in-place concrete and the results can be correlated to slump.

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Concrete Cylinder Testing | Concrete Performance Testing

Consulting Services, Inc.(CSI) is a geotechnical engineering firm and one of the many services it offers is Concrete Cylinder Testing. Founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2009, the experienced engineers at CSI recognize the critical importance of material testing.

Test Standards For Flowable Fill

The ASTM test procedure uses a Kelly Ball to measure when the flowable fill has set up enough to place backfill over it. As described in ASTM D 6024, the test involves dropping a steel ball five times on the surface of the hardened material and measuring the diameter of the impression.

Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA): Development and Evaluation of Vibrating Kelly Ball Test (VKelly Test

Due to the low workability of slipform concrete mixtures, the science of rheology is not strictly applicable for such concrete. However, the concept of rheological behavior may still be considered useful. A novel workability test method (Vibrating Kelly Ball or VKelly ...

(PDF) Using a Vibrating Kelly Ball Test (VKelly Test) to

A novel workability test method (Vibrating Kelly Ball Test or VKelly Test) presented in this paper quantitatively assesses the responsiveness of a dry concrete mixture to vibration, as desired of ...

Kelly ball Test

Kelly ball test is a field test that is used in the fresh concrete. This test is not much extensively covered in Indian Standards. Reasons , Procedures are explained here in the simplest way. Hope this is helpful for you, Thank so much, please do continue your support.

Kelly ball, Concrete testing equipment, Controls

This method is used to determine the penetration of a hemispherical metal weight into freshly mixed concrete, which is related to the workability of the concrete. The apparatus consists of a cylinder with one end having a hemispherical shape and the other end fit with a graduated handle.

Workability of Concrete - Tests & Factors Affecting Workability

Apr 30, 2016 · Workability of concrete is defined as the ease and homogeneity with which a freshly mixed concrete or mortar can be mixed, placed, compacted and finished. Strictly, it is the amount of useful internal work necessary to produce 100% compaction.

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SUMMARY OF CONCRETE WORKABILITY TEST METHODS Eric P. Koehler University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX David W. Fowler University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX ICAR Report 105.1 ICAR 105: Measuring the Workability of High Fines Concrete

Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM Vibrating Kelly ball

Vibrating Kelly ball (V-Kelly) Test Procedure For additional information, Reference AASHTO T129 Static Test: 1. Sample fresh concrete according to AASHTO R 60 – Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete. 2. Place concrete in the rubber tub and create a level surface. Do not consolidate the concrete. 3.

"The correlation of Kelly Ball penetration readings with

Grieb and Marr made the following comments on the Kelly ball test as a replacement for the slump test to measure the consistency and uniformity of concrete in the field: 1. The concrete may be tested in place, therefore, the selection or preparation of a sample is eliminated.

Kelly Ball, Penetration Apparatus for Concrete Consistency Testing

Used to test the consistency of concrete using the penetration of a half sphere into plastic concrete. A 1" (2.5-centimeter) penetration by the kelly ball corresponds to about 2" (5 cm) of slump.

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Testing equipment for concrete materials

TESTMAK Testing equipment for concrete materials, Testmak Material Testing Equipment

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Use of the Kelly Ball for Field Measurement Of Concrete

The Kelly Ball test is a simple field method for determining the consistency of plastic concrete. It is made by measuring the penetration of a 30-pound metal "ball" into the surface of the concrete. This test can be made on the concrete in place and can be made easier and faster than the slump test.

Kelly Ball Penetration Test Concrete

The Kelly Ball test is a simple and inexpensive test that is performed on concrete. It provides an indication of yield stress, and the results of the test can then be correlated with concrete slump. The test can be successfully used for special concrete mixes, including light and heavy weight concrete.

Concrete : GATE (Civil) By Rosemary K Thomas

This lesson explains the tests for measuring the workability of concrete. It includes slump test, compaction factor test, flow table test, Kelly ball test and vee bee consistometer test.